Alpha GX Wave Bidet Seat

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Performance focused, value driven. With its attached side control panel, low profile design, 3 wash modes and strong drying performance, the Alpha GX Wave is the perfect no-frills bidet seat that’s focused on results. At its core, the GX Wave is powered by a hybrid heating system that offers 3 wash modes: Rear, Rear+, and Front Feminine. Its warm water supply is not endless, but the spray never turns completely cold either thanks to continuous heating. The Rear+ cleansing mode is a highlight of the GX Wave and is capable of spraying just over 1L per minute of warm water. The spray is strong and the generous water volume provides an extremely effective rear cleansing experience on par with seats that cost three times as much.

-          Hybrid Water Heating

-          Strong Rear + Wash

-          LED Nightlight

-          Warm Air Dryer

-          Adjustable Temperature Heated Seat

-          Adjustable Water Temperature

-          Adjustable Nozzle w/ Oscillation

-          Self-Cleaning, Stainless Steel Nozzle

-          1 Year Warranty