Alpha JX Bidet Seat w/Remote

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Alpha Bidet’s crown jewel, the Alpha JX. Sleek, elegant, and highly sought after. High grade durable polypropylene design, with internal components made with the integrity to last. It's the quietest bidet on the market, you will hardly notice that it is running. Advancing modern hygiene with its multiple high-tech features, the JX is controlled by an intuitively designed, wall-mountable wireless remote. Cleansing has never been simpler. You will notice the difference, the Alpha Bidet difference.

-          Tankless Water Heater for Endless Warm Water

-          LED Nightlight w/ Ambient Light Sensor

-          Sturdy, Sittable Lid

-          Warm Air Dryer

-          Adjustable Temperature Heated Seat

-          Adjustable Water Temperature

-          Adjustable Nozzle w/ Oscillation

-          Self-Cleaning, Anti-Microbial Aluminum Nozzle

-          One Touch Easy Wash

-          One Touch Wash & Dry

-          3 Year Warranty