Types of Bidets: What's the Best Bidet for Your Home?

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There's really no other way to say it... Nothing is more important to your life than a clean tush. 

Sure, it isn't necessarily a life or death kind of situation, but if you could find a way to be cleaner, wouldn't you want to take advantage of it?

To accomplish this, it requires us to get to know what Europeans and other cultures have already known: using a bidet will help you stay as clean as possible. 

What should you know about the different types of bidets? Read on to find out.

The Types of Bidets You Can Buy

So you want the cleanest of clean experiences. If you want to learn about the wonders of using a bidet, here are the kinds you should know about:

1. The Toilet Bidet Attachment

If the great toiler paper incident to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that you need to be prepared the next time people ransack grocery stores. 

When this happened, toilet bidet attachments started selling out all over Amazon and other sites. These are easy to install, and you can often get one for around 50 bucks! 

You also don't have to be a licensed plumber to get these bidets set up. With just a little bit of experience and the ability to follow directions, you can attach a working bidet to any toilet in your house or apartment. 

2. A Standalone Bidet

For people who are a little bit fancier, the standalone bidet could be a great bet. These work best since they are fully built to serve this function. 

With a standalone bidet, you will get the best water pressure and access to so many different features. 

3. A Toilet That Includes Bidet Function

Outside of modifying your toilet, you can also purchase some toilets that already come with a working bidet. This lets you get the best performance and engineering from what you buy. 

You'll be able to get different settings with the push of a button and won't have to do any additional plumbing or installation. 

4. Bidets That Have Special Options and Features

When looking at types of bidets, you should also consider the features and options. 

Some special bidets do more than just rinse. They also come with different kinds of soap, lotion, and perfume, and have drying functions and temperature settings. This really gives you the premium experience of owning a bidet. 

The Benefits of Buying a Bidet

OK, you see that there are a lot of bidet options for you. But is buying a bidet even worth it?

Here is why that answer is an absolute yes!

1. You Will Be So Much Cleaner

Having a clean tush just makes life so much better. Once you go bidet, you'll absolutely never go back to plain old toilet paper. 

In fact, you will probably find the idea gross just thinking about it. You really don't know how much cleaner you'll be until you try a bidet out for yourself. 

This clean feeling is more than you'll get with flushable baby wipes also. It'll be a celebration in your pants every time you use the bidet, and you will even start telling your friends about it. 

2. It Is More Sanitary and Better for Your Health

You aren't just going to feel clean, but you're going to actually be clean when you get a bidet. It is more sanitary for your overall health, and you'll be less likely to fall prey to illness. 

Having a bidet helps you to avoid spreading bacteria from hand to hand. You will have cleaner anal and genital health. That will help you to prevent hemorrhoids and rashes. 

3. Your Toilet Paper Use Will Go Down

Let's just go ahead and say it. You will use way less toilet paper when you have a bidet!

Having a bidet keeps you out of the matrix so that you are never beholden to these things. People who use bidets use way less tissue than those who don't. You'll be cleaner without incessant wiping, and most people will only have to use a little bit of toilet paper to dry off. 

4. Sexy Time Becomes a No-Brainer

Who wants to jump right into the sack after a 30-minute bathroom trip? Even if you wipe thoroughly, you're not going to feel all the way clean and ready for a romp. 

When you have a bidet, you'll feel sparkling clean after every bathroom trip and will feel more comfortable getting sexy. You'll be able to put on a thong or any sexy undies without a care in the world. 

It's easier to slip in and out of the mood at all times of the day no matter what you ate or what happened during bathroom time. The squeaky clean feeling just can't be overstated, and it will help you out in your romantic relationships. 

Even if you are just single and playing the field, having a bidet at the crib will make any overnight guests feel welcome and like they're on vacation. 

Shop for a Bidet

If you are interested in different types of bidets, count on the Big Gay Bidet to save the day!

We have all kinds of models that will be fitting for your bathrooms. You can't put a price tag on an amazingly clean tush, and there are lots of different kinds that you can purchase. 

We can show you better than we can tell you!

You can get in touch with us to ask all of the questions you have about buying a bidet. 

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