Bidets clean better than Toilet Paper

Posted by Charles Sanchez on

We know what you’re thinking. You think, “yes, I’m bougie, but am I Big Gay Bidet bougie?”

Of course, you are, sweetie!

And really, Big Gay Bidets aren’t bougie. They’re like fiber in your diet: good and good for you.

Here’s a short list of reasons why you need a Big Gay Bidet:

1) Bidets are not going to scratch your sensitive fanny raw. We’ve all been there. Wiping post-poop, 3 or 10 swipes to make extra sure you got it all, and you find there’s blood on the tissue. (ew.) That never happens with the gentle, cleansing stream of water that comes from a bidet.

2) Bidets clean better than TP. A bidet is like giving your bootie a mini-shower after a major movement. It’s more efficient and leaves your butt feeling (and looking!) fresher and fabulous than if you just used toilet paper.

3) Using a bidet helps the environment. The average person uses 50 pounds of toilet paper per year. In those 365 days, an adorable couple’s butts eat up what amounts to a whole tree. Seriously! By using a bidet, you’re not only saving your ass, your helping to save the planet.

Having a Big Gay Bidet in your home shows that you take good care of yourself, your family, guests, and the world. If you’re gonna be bougie, might as well be bidet bougie!

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